Man Says False Accusations ‘Turned His Life Upside-Down’

Proposing Major Reforms For Family Law Court in Sonoma County – Elkins Task Force Report

In Sonoma County most people are likely to be effected to some extent by family law, whether it is personally or through family and friends. Given the current condition of the family court system in California, can it be repaired?

Why You Need the Right Family Law Solicitor

Getting divorced? At risk of losing your children? Want to know more about cohabitation laws? Find out why choosing the right family law solicitor is so important.

Divorce From a Mentally Ill Spouse

Being in a romantic relationship with a spouse who is mentally ill can be an extremely trying and potentially even devastating emotional experience. In some cases, divorce may seem like the only option for spouses who have grown apart from one another due to the problem.

The Road to Building a Family Law Firm

Family law firms deal with much more than just divorce cases. While much of the practice does tend to deal more with marriage concerns, attorneys involved in such practices involve themselves with all types of issues related to the relatives, including maternity, wills, estates, paternity, and trusts. These lawyers may work for firms both big and small. In this article we will provide information pertaining to the steps involved in becoming part of a successful firm.

Free Divorce Records Search Possible Online

Divorce records search is definitely viable and convenient nowadays with the aid of modern technology and the Internet. No more waiting in line at the government agencies. Instead, all you have to do is retrieve the records through some reliable website via Internet.

How to Survive a Divorce

Apart from bereavement, divorce is said to be the most traumatic experience that a person has to endure during their lifetime. The break up of a marriage and the restructuring of personal circumstances can be very distressing and acrimonious for both parties and, it will take a long time for any kind of normality to come back into their lives. Some pointers below may ease the pain.

Divorce Records

This article talks about divorce records. It provides some tips about searching divorce records.

Grounds For Divorce and Residency Requirements in NY

The legal divorce process begins when one of the spouses files a Summons with the Supreme Court. The other spouse is then served with the Summons and given time to respond. If the parties are in agreement about property and debt division, as well as child custody and child support matters, the divorce can be finalized without a trial.

Expats and Divorce – Legal Advice

Should you be living outside of England and Wales when your marriage breaks down and a divorce situation arises there will be the question of whether a divorce petition can be issued in the English courts. The same question will be asked by those who now live in England and Wales but were married elsewhere. The English legal system will be much more convenient and certainly quicker and cheaper than using the court system of the country where you are living.

A Simple Guide to Business Assets and Divorce

Divorce can be complex and very stressful. Things often get more difficult when one or both parties owns a business. This article briefly sets out how the courts approach business assets when dealing with divorce.

Finding the Ideal Divorce Attorney

Divorces are some of the most tedious and tiring affairs to undertake. Imagine having to go through a ton of paperwork and many sleepless nights just to get a lot of things in order. Well, worry no more, because you have a Provo divorce attorney. Your divorce attorney can and will keep you informed about the many divorce laws in the state. He or she will also keep you up to date with the different changes and/or additions to current divorce legislation.

Cheap Divorce Lawyers Are Definitely Worth Every Penny

Divorces are a painful process that can drain you physically as well as mentally. You are already trying to come to terms with this sad phase and you have to deal with issues like hiring lawyers. Numerous cheap divorce lawyers are waiting to be hired.

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