Memphis Lawyer Says Murder Victim’s Family Should Open Estate

Marriage in Thailand: Doing It the Right Way

The marriage ceremony is only half of what you need to accomplish. Legalization by having it registered completes the whole marriage.

Understanding and Negotiating Legal Fees

You’ve decided that you need a lawyer. What you do next will have a major effect on the final outcome and your peace of mind.

Man Ordered To Pay Ex-Wife For Her Share Of Marital Home Despite Collapse Of Real Estate Market

On April 7, 2011, the Michigan Court of Appeals decided a case that dealt with the interplay of the real estate market collapse and judgments of divorce. The husband agreed in the consent divorce judgment to a provision where he would pay his wife the amount of $1,074,000 for her share of the value of the marital home upon the sale of the home or after five years from the entry of the judgment. Further, the judgment stated that this sum would become a money judgment after five years.

If Your Civil Union Has Ended, It Is Best To Visit A Divorce Solicitor

For the past so many years gay couples in Great Britain have been permitted to enjoy what are called civil partnerships. A divorce solicitor is there to advise you on how to end your civil partnership in the event it appears to break up. It is best to try and get legal support once you discover your union has ended.

Separation Agreement

Your world shatters as you hear your spouse wanting to end your marriage. Even with your constant pleading, you know that it will not really work out for you have been living apart for quite some time now. Marriage breakdown in Ireland is more common than you think, the best thing to do is accept that you will no longer live together harmoniously so it is better to end things peacefully.

Marriage – 5 Tips For A Happy, Successful Marriage

Most every one of us wants to have a happy, successful marriage. Fortunately, a lot of couples are able to fulfill the dream. Want to know what it takes? Here are five tips for having a happy, successful marriage…

Divorce Settlements: Things to Consider

Divorce can be a painful experience, especially if the two parties aren’t able to agree on a divorce settlement. Hiring a divorce lawyer however can help make this process go more smoothly. No rules are in place that dictate the manner in which the assets are to be divided. If the two parties are not able to reach an agreement, the court has the autonomy to decide who gets what.

Community Property and Separate Property

In the field of family law, there are certain ideas that are very important. Central among those is the concept of property division. When you go through a divorce, there has to be some way to divide the property.

In a Divorce, a Home Short Sale Can Be the Answer

When homeowners are facing a divorce, one of the most difficult decisions is determining what to do with the house. Because this decision can be highly emotional, important factors can be overlooked and the final decision could be a major financial mistake for both parties.

Making Sense of Pension and Divorce

Are you concern about the children and assets because of divorce! Read this article to know more about this pension and divorce.

Feminist ‘Greater Good’ Excuses Deny Constitutional Rights of Fathers in Family Court

Family Court unjustly uses the ‘greater good’ excuse of ‘best interest of the child’ to override constitutional rights and protections of overwhelmingly fathers. Its setup and use of the greater good ‘abuse’ excuse, too, shows it has no interest in protecting a father’s rights but to deny him his children and extort his earnings for the best interest of the mother.

Divorce – 5 Things To Consider Before Moving Forward

Your divorce will have huge consequences both for you and your child(ren). Before moving forward with a divorce, think long and hard about the consequences.

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