“My Teen is So Bad, I Called DCFS on Myself!”

Sibling DNA Tests and Sibling Studies Can Find Your Brother Or Sister

A sibling DNA test can find your brother or sister using a cheek swab. It is quite easy to determine if someone is your half or full brother or sister by DNA testing.

Paternity Testing Comes in Two Flavors – Home and Legal

Paternity testing comes in two choices or flavors? The home paternity test and the legal paternity test. Making the wrong choice could be frustrating or expensive.

Financial Preparations for Divorce

Divorce lawyers work hard to get their clients the most out of their divorce settlement. This means doing thorough research on a couple’s past financial successes and woes. Most of the time, the incomes and initial wealth of two people choosing to marry differs greatly. Therefore, once they are married it changes both of their financial situations. So when one is considering divorce, they will realize immediately that their finances have become beyond the point of being split down the middle. You can’t just divide up a mortgage or a car payment in two. The finances will become beyond tricky to unravel.

How to Get a Smooth & Easy Divorce

Want to know how you can make your divorce much easier to handle? Go ahead and use the useful tips mentioned in this article so you can get through your case with less hassles and complications.

The Custody of the Minor Children

In case two partners decide to get divorced and there are minor children involved, the judicial court is forced to make a decision as far as the custody of these children is concerned. When this situation is involved, the judicial court has to make a decision which is in the children’s best interest.

Top 4 Benefits of an Uncontested Divorce

Have you already thought about what type of divorce case you’d like to go through? You may want to consider getting an uncontested divorce so you can significantly lessen your legal costs, shorten the process and settle things more peacefully with your spouse. Read the full article to learn about the many benefits of preferring an uncontested proceeding for your divorce.

The Partition of Your Common Goods

During the divorce lawsuit, the two partners can ask for their common goods to be split, these common goods being the ones they purchase during their marriage. The partition can be effected even after the divorce decision has been made, there being no difference if it is done a month after the divorce or after ten years.

Your Name After a Divorce

Many people are undecided whether they should change their name after a divorce or not. There are people who choose to keep the name they have had up to that moment, but there are also people who return to their maid name. Of course, we are now referring to women because they are the ones that have to or don’t have to change their names.

An Overview on Contested Divorce

Before officially filing for a divorce petition in your local court, it’s essential to know about the case options that you can consider. This article discusses the basics of a contested divorce and gives you an overview of what you can expect. Read the helpful information well so you can decide whether this type of case is suitable for your current circumstances.

The Art of Finding Divorce Records

For a wide variety of reasons, you might need to trace people’s divorce records. In different parts of the US, public records such are dealt by some state departments. In general, you can access such information from the Department of Health of your state.

Is There a Big Difference Between an Affordable Divorce Lawyer and an Expensive One?

An attorney who promises you a cheap divorce is getting ahead of themselves. It is an impossible thing to guarantee, as unexpected situations or circumstances may arise and in many cases can be extremely difficult or impossible to foresee. If they promise you a cheap divorce, proceed with caution and them how they can make such a guarantee.

The Main Reasons Why People Call for Divorce Records

Getting a divorce can be really messy and hard and in addition one still needs to worry about these divorce records being made public. There are numerous reasons why people need to have access to these types of records. The couple may need access to their own divorce documents or others divorce documents.

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