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Let Family Solicitors Fight Your Corner for You

Family Law is a complex subject that needs specialist knowledge. Whether you are looking to resolve a family dispute, find out about child custody rights or claim back money that you believe is yours, a team of solicitors can assist.

Example Parenting Plans

It is difficult to make a parenting plan from scratch. Using a parenting plan example will help you make the best parenting plan for your situation.

Increasing Child Support Payments

Child support is a method of guaranteeing that after a divorce, the children of the former spouses will maintain a stable lifestyle. These payments are assigned to the parents during divorce proceedings but are different for each family. They primarily depend on factors such as the lifestyle of the children before the divorce, the custody agreement, and the financial stability of each spouse after the separation. If one parent has full custody, the other parent will have a higher child support payments than a situation in which the parents are splitting custody.

Six Signs of an Unfaithful Spouse

If your husband or wife is cheating on you, there is very rarely a smoking gun. Chances are it will be an accumulation of smaller things that lead to your final decision. Here are some things to look for.

What Is Mediated Divorce?

When spouses have decided that divorce will be the best option for their relationship and their family, they do not have to feel limited to settling these important matters in a court room. Though court may be the best option for some couples, others may find alternative measures to settle their divorce are most effective. Mediated divorce is a recent development in these types of proceedings and it allows spouse to work together to settle their separation without stepping into the court room.

Husband’s Divorce Rights

What are the husband’s divorce rights? This may vary a little from state to state, but in most cases men are entitled to the same rights as women are. Child custody is the one area where we see this most.

Key Concepts, Part I: Discovery Procedures in Divorce

This article will cover a few important discovery tools used in practically every divorce. Although the rules of court vary from state to state, they share the same basic discovery procedures. In Arizona, the family court rules are found in the Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure (ARFLP), which refers to the gathering of evidence as “disclosure and discovery.” Discovery procedures involve discovering evidence in the case, whatever the case may be. During the discovery process, the parties determine what evidence is needed to support their respective claims on the issues. Both parties will identify their witnesses and exchange documents and the like for evidentiary purposes. The tools of discovery are used to acquire information from both parties and from third parties.

Key Concepts, Part II: Discovery Procedures in Divorce

In Part I of this series on key discovery concepts, we presented the basic steps involved in most divorce cases. We also described some of the disclosures required by the Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure (ARFLP). In this article, we’ll introduce a few more discovery tools. Namely interrogatories, depositions, requests for production, and requests for admission. A party and the party’s attorney may be sanctioned by the court for failing to comply or respond to a discovery request. They may be held in contempt for failure to obey orders and sanctioned at the court’s discretion for engaging in conduct that was abusive, groundless, obstructionist, or unreasonable. Any refusal to comply with a discovery request can have serious consequences.

Need A Family Law Solicitor? Yes! When Custody Is an Issue

Be wary of lawyers who advertise that they specialize in the rights of the father or mother. A good lawyer will be able to look at your case without prejudice and figure out a solution that is best for the children.

How to Find Divorce Lawyers

It is always a hard process for both parties when a couple is considering a divorce, with or without kids involved. It is legal in many states that you can obtain a divorce without a lawyer’s representation, but it’s highly inadvisable. There are many factors that go into finding a good divorce lawyer, but the main one is to have a lawyer with good experience.

Types of Alimony Payments

Divorcing individuals usually come across the possibility of paying or receiving alimony payments. This can make a serious impact on your financial situation, and depending on the length of time you were married, on how dependent you were or your spouse was financially dependent you might be dealing with alimony for a long time.

Child Support Basics: Who, Why And How

Either parent could pay child support. Learn some of the basics as to how and why the court makes it’s decisions.

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