Tennessee child support ends when the child reaches 18 or graduates high school

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CompleteCase is a prominent divorce service. Read this in-depth CompleteCase review to find out how you can get an online DIY divorce today.

Saving Money During a Divorce – Easing the Financial Pain

Going through a divorce takes time, patience, and money. In this article, we’ll discuss methods to help ease the financial burden of divorce. By using some of our recommendations, you’ll save money and ease the pressure on your pocketbook. Save money by working out agreements in advance. Are you and your spouse still communicating? If you can engage in productive discussions about property division, child custody arrangements, parenting time schedules, child support obligations, and even spousal maintenance, then do so. Try to arrive at as many agreements on those issues as possible. If you and your spouse are able to resolve only one issue, say parenting time, then that is one less matter for the attorneys to work through. The settlement terms that you and your spouse agree to will…

Divorce and Finances: What Are the Courts Likely to Take Into Account When Deciding My Finances?

The standard of living enjoyed by the family before the breakdown of the marriage, along with how long the marriage lasted, how old each of the parties are, and whether either party has any disabilities are also factors the court deems relevant in the task of apportioning finances fairly. The family court will also consider the contributions as well as the conduct surrounding the divorce proceedings. Your current and future financial needs and responsibilities are also considered. In accordance with the Court’s primary concern for the welfare of any children, the money needed for the child’s care will be considered most carefully. Other important examples include current mortgage payments, how much it would cost to rent/buy another house to live in, as well as if anything in the future is likely to substantially alter this, if for example, a party remarries. Pension is also important here as if one party has a significantly larger pension than the other, then a pension sharing order will be considered.

Child Support Is a Useful Euphemism to Extort Fit Fathers Unjustly Denied Their Children

Should everyone support his or her children? Yes. But, no law requires court-ordered child support to be spent on the child. And the amount of child support ordered has no relationship to the cost of supporting a child. But using the term ‘child support’ is a useful euphemism to cover up a massive extortion scheme that harms fathers and their children, families and freedom. Here’s how.

Why You Really Need A Lawyer When Filing For Divorce

People go through a lot in their lives, but when it comes to events that need them to invoke to law in order to achieve their goals, finding a legal expert is the best thing to do. Having the need for an attorney can be borne out of many reasons. Some commit crimes, some are committed crimes against while some would simply want to lead a life of their own away from a spouse who may have been abusive. The reasons are endless, but when one wants to seek the protection of the law or to advance the full force of the law against another, hiring an attorney is always the best option.

Tips On How To Rebuild Your Life After Divorce

When a marriage ends, one of the things the spouses are most worried about is life after divorce. Many people aren’t sure if they can live a new life. Some are not certain if they can survive without a partner anymore, or if they can make it emotionally and financially.

DNA Testing for the Young

The emergence of the Deoxyribose Nuclei Acid test has allowed many clueless individuals to find the truth about their real fathers or the father of an unborn baby. DNA is a relatively safe procedure that only requires samples readily derived from the skin or body fluid of the two parties to be tested.

How Is Military Divorce Possible?

There is no doubt at all that divorce needs some steps to be fulfilled and hence there is a genuine step, which needs to be followed. There are different set of laws for the civilians and the military people. If one will look at the military laws then they will realize that they are completely different. These military divorces differ from the civilian divorces through various angles. It is not that easy at all.

Child Abuse Accusation Recommendations – The Best Offense Is a Strong Defense

If you have been falsely accused of child abuse, then there are many steps you should take immediately, including hiring an experienced child abuse lawyer. False accusations of child abuse in a divorce can cause lots of trouble, and can ultimately result in an endless custody battle where the children will feel caught in the middle.

Steps to Getting a Divorce

Even when a marriage is irretrievably broken, the very idea of a divorce can cause great anxiety. Venturing into unknown territory causes anxiety as well. In this article, we’ll describe how a family law case proceeds through Arizona’s court system. By explaining the process and giving you a roadmap, we hope to calm some of the fears and anxieties associated with a divorce.

The Uses of Postnuptial Agreements

Many people have likely heard of prenuptial agreements, which usually help safeguard one spouse’s fortune from the other if the couple were to divorce. Many married couples may not have heard of postnuptial agreements though.

Taking Action Against Paternity Fraud

Raising a child is usually seen as a joint effort between the child’s mother and father. Even when the parents are no longer together, both parents are expected to provide economically for the child. Usually, there is no doubt who a child’s mother is. Determining who the father is, however, can be a more difficult task.

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