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Child Custody – Who Gets Who in the Divorce?

Child custody battles are usually a difficult process. Who gets who and why should that person get the child. Either way it is a hard issue and requires a lawyer that understands the issues as well as the pros and cons.

Child Support Agreement Modifications

Divorces can be a time consuming and complex process. Spouses that have trouble finding a middle ground on emotionally charged issues may come to decision that are not effective in the long-term. One example of this phenomenon is the assignment of child custody payments. Even when a permanent custody assignment is made, the situation of one or both parents or the child may change dramatically and result in the need to make modifications to child custody payments.

Need a Divorce? Have Little Money? Here’s the Answer

Little or no money and stuck in a finished marriage. That’s the position many people find themselves in, and that’s a problem. There is a good answer though.

Breaking Up Is Never Easy So Expert Advice Is Necessary

This article discusses the use of experts to help those whose marriages have broken down completely. It also goes on to show how people want to punish each other with financial problems when they face divorce.

Bad Bankruptcy Lawyers

What’s a bad bankruptcy lawyer? One who steals from you or otherwise takes advantage of you while you are going through probably the most difficult financial troubles of your life. Lawyers are smart and they are cunning. They have to be to outsmart the DA, the Judge or any opponent they go up against.

Considering Bankruptcy?

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy chapter 7, let me give you a quick rundown on my experience and hopefully it will help you make better decisions in as you go through the process. I am a firm believer in really checking out any professional I hire to do work for me. It makes not difference if it is to install a toilet, set a broken bone, or handle a legal issue.

Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is becoming an increasingly popular method for couples handling their divorce proceedings because it provides a flexible and confidential platform to work through their conflict. Couples who choose this process don’t have to drag out their divorce in long, drawn-out court proceedings and can instead work through it with each other and a mediator. This gives couples a natural environment to talk as well as a place to lay the foundation for working together as parents even after splitting up.

Some Divorce Facts To Consider

Over the past twenty years, divorce rates have been on the rise as it’s estimated that one happens on average every 10-13 seconds. About 1 out of every 2 marriages end in a divorce in the United States. All parties who go through this painful process suffer very difficult consequences.

Changing a Child’s Name

Going through a divorce has many difficulties and challenges along the way. There are many different factors to consider and weigh when you file for divorce. If you have children from your marriage, you may want to change their last name. Changing the name of an adult or child can be a convoluted and difficult process to go through.

Family Tax Matters: Capital Gains, Filing Status, Deductions and Alimony

Now that tax time is approaching, we thought it a good idea to discuss some common tax issues associated with divorce and separation. As with every other aspect of divorce, a well-prepared decree and clear communication with your former spouse are the best ways to avoid misunderstandings that could cause you problems when dealing with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Another way to avoid problems is to utilize the services of your tax professional before you make filing decisions that you could come to regret later. Capital Gains Tax and the Principal Residence Rule. More often than not, the marital residence is the most valuable asset that a married couple owns. During the divorce, it is not unusual for the couple’s home to be sold and the proceeds distributed between them. If the home was sold for more than it was purchased for, meaning there was a gain on the capital asset, then there are specific rules affecting the spouses’ capital gains tax liability…

I Want A Divorce

Divorce is a tough topic, but when you’re faced with it, what do you do? Hopefully I can answer a couple of those questions.

Tips for Keeping Children Involved With Parenting Time Activities

If you could help your child live a happier life, and grow up to be a happier adult, wouldn’t you try to make your parenting time more memorable? Every moment you spend with your child is an opportunity to build and strengthen your relationship. If you’re wondering how to go about doing that, here are a few tips to help you along the way.

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