Tennessee Divorce Laws on Retirement

Family Law – International Parental Child Abduction

Given the multicultural society in which we live, it has become more frequent that children are being removed by a parent from the country in which they reside and taken to another country in which their parent was born and may still have relatives and/or friends. An international treaty has been formed to enable a parent of a child/children wrongfully removed from the country in which they reside to request the child/ren’s return. This treaty is known as “The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction”.

10 Relationship Situations That Call For A Family Law Solicitor

Relationships are tricky. In an ideal world, love would conquer all and there would be no need for legal support at all. But unfortunately, adult relationships aren’t like that. Even in positive situations, there will be situations that will need to be addressed in a professional and efficient manner. Then, of course, there are the negative situations where emotions can make it difficult to resolve important matters without the advice and guidance of an expert family law solicitor.

Divorce Kit: Pros And Cons

A divorce kit is a guide that includes state-specific information, paperwork, and instructions that help you through the divorce process. They are ideal for cases where the two sides want an uncontested divorce, though kits can still be used for contested ones.

Being A Single Parent Does Not Mean Raising An Unstable Child

Though there are many myths associated with the act of single parenting, a child of single parents has just as much chance of thriving in his future as a child who lives with both parents together. As studies have shown, behavior issues and self esteem problems are not the product of this type of upbringing.

What Do We Tell The Kids When We Know We’re Going To Divorce?

Many parents grapple with what and when to tell the kids when the decision to divorce is made. This article gives twenty-five year veteran divorce mediator, Mark Stein’s views on the subject.

Family Law – Duty Exemptions in New South Wales for Transfers Between Partners

Couples may wish to transfer property between them to various reasons. They may be motivated by tax minimisation, risk management, family breakdown or other reasons. Many transfers attract duty and any decision as to transferring applicable assets should be made with parties being mindful of the potentially substantial duty liability that may emerge.

How Personality Disorders Drive Family Court Litigation

I was first exposed to the concept of personality disorders in 1980 when I was in training as a therapist at the San Diego Child Guidance Clinic at Childrens Hospital. The DSM-III had just come out and Axis II of the five diagnostic categories required the therapist to diagnose the presence or absence of a personality disorder. (The current DSM-IV uses the same approach.) I quickly learned (often the hard way) that the presenting problems on Axis I (e.g. depression, substance abuse) were simply replaced by new ones, if an underlying personality disorder was not addressed in therapy.

What Is a Prenup?

Before you start another marriage you can take precautions to make sure that you are protected throughout your marriage. This can be done through a legal document called a prenuptial agreement or “prenup.”

Feminist Fraud Factions That Cover-Up the Tyranny Against Fathers in Family Court

Fathers are being destroyed under the tyrannical feminist policies of family court. A massive state industry is based and funded on its anti-father court judgments. This article overviews the various factions in this industry and within society that help cover up this tyranny against fathers, family and freedom.

Financial Planning For Divorce Gives Protection To Each Spouse

Financial planning for divorce is the most effective way to prepare and protect oneself so as to avoid monetary problems later on during the divorce process. Resolving marital debts and closing joint bank and credit card accounts is just the beginning to the list of tasks necessary to complete in order to ensure security and peace when a divorce is imminent for two spouses.

Gestational Surrogacy in Ukraine: Legal Issues

Ukraine is a popular destination for gestational surrogacy. That is due to such factors as accommodating legislation, an advanced medical industry, proximity to other European countries, a large pool of potential surrogate mothers, and the relatively low price of the procedure.

Family Law Solicitors: Make It the Right Choice

If you require family law solicitors, it is important to be selective and expect the chosen firm to assist you with your legal queries throughout the process. However, given the array of competition, to be selective, there are certain tactical issues to look out for which help distinguish the good from the weak. Therefore, first and foremost, whilst searching, don’t just pick the first firm that you see – a simple statement, however, statistics reveal a person will be impressed by what is initially presented to them, but under no circumstances is this an effective barometer for determining a suitable…

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