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Sole Custody Parenting Plans

Parenting plans are very effective in a divorce or separation situation. First, it is important to know the types of custody there are so you can make the best parenting plan for your situation.

Tips To Help You Find A Dependable Divorce Lawyer

Fast-paced lifestyles have thrown different challenges in front of the global urban population. Marriages are found to be breaking apart because couples are increasingly finding it hard to adjust with one another.

Divorce Lawyer: Choosing An Exceptional Attorney To Help You

Divorce lawyer can help make your case smooth and easy. During divorce proceedings, emotions can fly out of control and the entire ordeal can last much longer than anticipated.

Divorce Lawyer: Questions To Ask

As if filing for divorce weren’t traumatic enough, there’s then the hassle of finding a divorce lawyer. Knowing what questions to ask can help to simplify the process.

What Divorce Costs You Can Expect

The last thing on your mind when you’ve come to the decision to proceed with a divorce is how much it is going to cost. We often think of the division of the marital assets the only way a divorce could cost us, unfortunately this is far from the truth.

Why Are Divorce Lawyers Required?

What is divorce? It is the legal act performed by married couples to end their marriage. Divorce is the ultimate step that couples take in marriages that have problems.

The Importance Of Family Lawyers

Family lawyers are those lawyers who handle matters that are between people who are related. These matters include cases like elder law matters, will and will contests, estates and trusts, probate, insurance, estate planning, adoption, cohabitation agreements, child custody, and other matters that may be relevant to family.

Where Can Fathers Who Are in Arrears and Unemployed Get Help With Child Support?

Fathers who are unemployed and/or in arrears may run into great difficulty when attempting to fulfill a Court Order to pay child support. Many may feel hopeless and lost when considering their options and in many cases may not completely understand their options. The first thing that an individual should do when they lose their job or are having trouble paying debts is to seek a modification to the Court Order.

Understanding Maintenance and Alimony

Many important divorce matters revolve around the financial, and alimony is no exception. However, there are ways that paying alimony can benefit you – learn more here.

What Is the Average Cost of an Uncontested Divorce When You Do It Yourself?

One of the most popular methods of divorce has become the uncontested variety in which neither party objects to the settlement that has been agreed upon. Of course, the moment that either party objects to any aspect of the settlement, the process becomes contested. One of the more common reasons for the process to become contested is one of the spouses does not agree with the terms of the child custody, visitation or child custody arrangement.

Probate Litigation Can Resolve Estate Issues and Conflicts

Probate litigation refers to an area of law related to legal issues surrounding decedent estates, guardianship, conservatorship, and disability. One of the most common reasons people hire probate litigators is when heirs contest a probated Will or dispute over distribution of inheritance property.

What Are the Divorce Laws on Alimony?

Alimony is a common subject of divorces in and around the country. Also called spousal support, this is a payment made to a former spouse following a divorce, although this is not mandatory in the state. The Court has the discretion to deny support or to limit the support in amount or duration depending on both parties’ ability to support themselves and provide for their own needs after the dissolution of marriage or legal separation is complete.

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