Tracking Digital Clues in Divorce

Is There a Flat One-Time Fee for Divorce Lawyer?

Divorce cases can be confusing and complex enough. You’d probably love it if your divorce attorney charged you one flat fee to take your case so that you don’t have to worry about how much every single thing is going to cost you. Some offer this sort of payment arrangement if there isn’t a whole lot of conflict between the two parties and reaching a divorce settlement isn’t going to be a long, drawn-out process.

5 Reasons to Use Mediation to Resolve Disputes

Mediation is an excellent tool to allow people to resolve their disputes. This way, disputes can be resolved without the need for costly legal procedures.

What You Should Know About Divorce in VA

A brief introduction to Virginia law of divorce for the layman. A description of the types of divorce available under Virginia law. An overview of the history of divorce, the grounds necessary for divorce, how to prove entitlement to divorce, defenses to allegations for divorce and the relief available in divorce.

Consequences of Cheating?

“Married But Feeling Unfulfilled? Commit Adultery! Find Local Like-Minded Partners.” This is the text of a sponsored ad that appeared after I ran an internet search regarding divorce.

Child Custody and Visitation Types

Child custody is not as simple as simply awarding the mother custody of the child, no matter how the media may portray the issue. In situations where the parents are divorced, unmarried, or live far from one another, the issue becomes complicated. This is why many parents who are considering divorce choose to hire a child custody attorney, who can help them through any legal entanglements and fight to retain custody of their child.

The Arbitration Process Simplified

Arbitration is a commonly used form of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) that is designed to allow parties in conflict to find lower cost, faster and more efficient option to resolving civil lawsuits. It is considered part of the ADR group of conflict resolution options that can include direct negotiation or mediation as well as some types of facilitated conferences or meetings. It is classed under ADR because it does not use the traditional court system that includes a trial or hearing in front of a judge or a judge and jury.

What Can Spouses Expect To Learn In Divorce Parenting Classes?

Divorcing spouses with children must enroll in divorce parenting classes to learn how to keep the peace after the divorce. Because children are such a precious commodity, the family law courts do all they can to protect them from the divorce situation.

Child Support and Non-United States Citizens

Citizens of the United States of America enjoy certain rights under the U.S. Constitution and State Laws. Non-citizens have access to some of the protections established under the law but not all of them. With regard to child support non-citizens have certain protections but are also held to certain standards. Not being a citizen of the United States does not mean you are not entitled to child support and it does not prevent the other parent from seeking child support from you.

Protecting a Father’s Rights

In the past thirty years, our nation has seen a surge in the number of children that are born to unmarried mothers. Due to this trend, the issue relating to the rights and responsibilities of unwed fathers has spurred a worldwide social movement.

The Uncontested Divorce: Pros And Cons

Most divorces nowadays are uncontested. It’s far less expensive, time consuming, and allows both sides to end their marriage on good terms. It’s also better particularly if children are involved, as they won’t have to witness a year long battle in court over who gets custody. The following discuses the advantages and disadvantages of this divorce in greater depth.

Reading Your Spouse’s Emails During a Divorce

Divorce is difficult for everyone going through it. Things are especially hard if you suspect that your spouse is having an affair. It is incredibly tempting to peek at your spouse’s emails or Facebook account in an effort to learn the truth or gather evidence, but be careful! Looking at email or Facebook without permission can land you in hot water with the judge in your divorce and law enforcement.

The Headaches of Contested Divorces

There are two main types of divorce, contested and uncontested. There are a multitude of resources regarding how to file your own divorce, if its uncontested. But what if your divorce is contested? Can you still file yourself, without spending thousands of dollars on an attorney?

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