What Does a Vocational Assessor Do?

The Divorced Person’s Guide to Social Security

Most young couples marry in full anticipation of growing old together. But life is complicated. Sometimes, as couples grow older, they grow apart rather than together. And, sometimes, they divorce. Among the many things that must be considered in a divorce, it is important to think about the future-including retirement in general, and Social Security benefits in particular. What effect, if any, does divorce have on your Social Security benefits?

Declaring for Divorce in New Jersey

Filing for divorce is never easy. You should always try to work things out but when it’s not possible you’ll need to be prepared to file for divorce. Here’s how to make the process easier in New Jersey.

Why Finding the Right Divorce Attorney Is a Crucial Step

Hiring the right divorce attorney is a very important step of the process. Here, learn about the essential ways in which divorce attorneys may differ from one another, and why that matters to you.

How to Get Married in Thailand in 2014

Marriage in Thailand is the joining together of two people who are in love and want to take one more step and make it official. The marriage itself is divided in two parts: the legal part and the ceremonial part.

Handling the Details of Estate Planning

It is extremely important to have your will because it helps in efficient and hassle free distribution of your property, wealth and asset among your heir. When you are making a will, there are plenty of different details that you need to keep in mind and this is why a lot of people end up hiring the services of a will attorney.

Well-Known Specialized Fields Of Experts In Family Law

When it comes to family law, lawyers have different specializations, divorce and annulment as being one of them. Below are the specific legal areas that family lawyers commonly specialize in and that families usually require the services of.

Five Situations That Call for a Family Lawyer

The world is no stranger to numerous sad stories about couples separating and issues relating to the kids and the entire family. Legal battles are being taken to court for a thorough examination of the facts in order to come up with a sound decision that will benefit all parties, most especially the kids. To even out the bumps and clarify matters relating to these, the services of a family lawyer is required.

Collecting Child Support by Wage Garnishment: The New Normal

In the 21st Century, most child support payments are collected by income withholding, or payroll deductions. Although this may look like a typical wage garnishment as a way to collect a bad debt, it is not the same. It is just the way things work these days. Income withholding for child support is now the normal everyday way.

Child Custody Lawyers Facilitate Parents Desire for Custody

When a parent is settling a dispute with their ex-spouse regarding child custody, lawyers who specialize in this area can be incredibly helpful. Their main goal is to protect the rights and interests of their clients and they are effective at achieving these aims. According to laws across the United States following divorce both parents are responsibility for both caring for their children as well as supporting them financially.

Child Custody Determinations

During a child custody determination, parents are closely scrutinized according to many factors. Since there are no laws that state any one factor is most important in this determination, a judge is encouraged to consider all aspects of the parent’s ability. In most states, hearings regarding child custody fall under the family court system, meaning these judges are particularly suited to making an informed decision.

A Financial Guide for Planning Divorce and Separation

No matter what kind of divorce you decide on, contested or not, it is essential to locate your total marital assets before being able to finalize any kind of fair settlement agreement. Legally, the marital estate is defined by the spouse’s particular state’s Equitable Apportionment Statute, or another statute along the same lines, as it may vary from state to state. However all states have such a statute to ensure that no partner in a divorce is left without their share of both marital assets and liabilities.

Family Law Myths – De Facto Relationships in Australia

There are a lot of misconceptions about de facto relationships and what will happen to their property if they separate. This is a very short introduction to the law in Australia.

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