What Smart Divorce Lawyers Look for When Hiring Financial Experts

Restraining Orders and Women’s Shelters: What Are My Rights?

When a divorce is the result of violent behavior a number of questions may come about as to what the rights of those involved are. It is important to know that the courts work hard in cases that involve violence because they understand that there is more at stake in these cases. For both the abused and the alleged abuser these cases can be especially hard to handle, one of the best things that you can do for yourself and your child, if there are any, is get a lawyer that can help you win your case.

In Rhode Island Protection From Abuse Matters, No Contact Means No Contact!

Discover how to protect yourself in Rhode Island if someone has obtained a Protection from Abuse Order or Judgment against you. If you are ignorant about what the Restraining Order portion of the Protection from Abuse Judgment means when it says you can not have contact with the complainant then you might find yourself arrested for something as innocent as an apologetic card.

Divorce Attorney: Aspects of Divorce

When a divorce attorney is retained for a case, he takes on the responsibility of counseling and guiding the client throughout the case. This means that the lawyer needs to know details about the person who hired him as well as details about his relationship with the spouse.

What Are Grandparents’ Visitation Rights?

Grandparents rights regarding visitation following a divorce. Grandparents who have been denied visitation need to understand the legal issues involved to determine what course of action to take.

Surviving Illinois Child Support

We all know about the Illinois statutory minimum child support guidelines – 20% of net pay for one child, 28% for two, 32% for three, and so forth. This is the law in Illinois. But what many don’t know is that those minimum guideline amounts are not etched in stone. There may be ways for you to avoid being ordered to pay those amounts. In the right case, the right lawyer might be able to persuade a judge to enter an order for support that is below, maybe even substantially below, the Illinois statutory minimum guidelines.

Visitation Tips: Learn How to Make the Most of Your Time With Your Kids

If you have visitation of your children, you should consider some ways to keep it a positive experience. This can benefit both you and your children.

A Guide to Retrieving Divorce and Marriage Records

Marriage is a wonderful experience, even if it’s your second or fifth time getting committed. Which is why it is important that you settle every single aspect related to or might influence your decision before you finally tie the knot. If you’ve had several marriage records before, you should see to it that all of them are null and void, to ensure that your current marriage is legal. If your partner has had the same history as you, you should also take a look at his or her divorce records and check if they have been finalized.

Divorce Lawyer for Lost Weekend Marriages

A divorce lawyer can help a person who accidentally got married while partying. Everyone makes mistakes and this should be your first phone call.

An Alternative to Traditional Divorce

We have all heard the horrible stories of traditional divorce proceedings. Couples that have spent 30, 40, or over 100,000 dollars on legal fees. Divorces that consisted of many years fighting over unimportant things like the leather sofa, or the big screen television.

Why It Is Important To Know Family And Divorce Law

If there is one thing in this world that couples would wish to never go through, that would be divorce. Divorce would mean different things for other people but if there is one thing that is sure of, it would usually mean lots of money needed and stress. This is why the more that one could know about the family and divorce law, the better it would be for him.

Set Up a Consultation With a Divorce Attorney To Understand Your Options

A divorce attorney can help you with the process and do more. During a consultation, find out what your life will be like after a divorce.

Divorce and Financial Resolutions – The Process

With divorce rates on the rise again, most likely due to the financial pressures that most of us now live under, more and more people are not only facing the prospect of being divorced but the convoluted machinations of the divorce process itself. Often the two messiest and most contentious issues that couples need to resolve in any divorce case are the custody of the children and the division of finances. This article looks more closely at the second of these but of course all issues are intertwined.

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