When Can I Reduce My Tennessee Child Support with More than One Child?

More Details On Divorce Records

Divorce Court Records are made available to the general public today. The truth is that the moment both parties decided to bring the case to the courts, privacy is all but gone with the wind. Accessing the information is even simplified with the existence of numerous service providers online. For just a small fee, what you need will be right in front of you without any trouble or delay whatsoever.

Relevance Of Free Divorce Records Search

Divorce records include information on the names of the involved couple, the date and location where the event occurred, settlements, children, parents, the reasons for the separation, and more. No wonder this file is also widely used for genealogy and in tracing one’s family history. Furthermore, it offers vital data that you can use to investigate on someone’s personal background.

Methods of Serving Divorce Papers

Divorce is a complicated process. For some couples, the process can last for years. For others, the process is completed soon after the papers are filed. However, despite all the uniqueness that a divorce can have, most divorces begin in the same way. One of the first steps required to begin the process of divorce is to serve divorce papers. Ensuring that papers are delivered is legally required.

Steps You Can Take To Collect Back Child Support

Do you have an old child support order that has gone largely ignored by the other parent of your child? For the child’s sake it’s important for you to take every measure possible to collect on that judgment in order for you to support your child. There are many steps you can take to collect and if you are careful and methodical in your efforts you can and will be successful in recovering the money that is owed.

Family Lawyers Are Qualified To Handle More Than Your Divorce

We live in an era where divorces are no longer isolated occurrences. They can happen everywhere and to anyone. When your marriage suddenly unravels, do not become the victim. Instead, fight back…

Three Tips For Hiring A Divorce Lawyer

When you are going through a divorce you want to get it over with as soon as possible. A good lawyer helps the process go over smoothly and stress free. Find out how you can find a good divorce lawyer to represent you.

What Is the Lowest Cost and Type of Divorce?

These days, when going through a divorce, it’s important to many to minimize cost. Many couples or individuals seek for ways to cut back on expenses during a divorce in search of the lowest cost divorce possible. While saving money is rarely a bad thing, ensuring that you are still protected and will not be greeted by unpleasant surprises down the road is just as important.

Finding Hidden Treasures in Tax Returns and How It Affects the Divorce Process

Truth be told, you don’t necessarily need to be an auditor or a forensic accountant to smell a thief. However, to catch the culprit red-handed you need the skills of a gumshoe. This article is designed to provide attorneys with a road map to identify those possible treasures found within tax returns.

Divorce Asset Determination With An Attorney

The distribution of divorce assets can be very complicated. The process is especially complicated in non-community property states where an assessment must be of not only real property but anything that may be wholly and partially marital property. The need for assistance from an attorney is very important at this stage.

Concerns for Women in “Traditional” Marriages

Traditional marriage can be defined as one in which one party (usually the wife) either doesn’t work or works at a part-time or minimum wage job. This can have disastrous effects during the time of divorce because that party has become accustomed to living on the income of the spouse which is usually substantially higher.

You Will Need A Divorce Solicitor For The Break Up Of A Marital Relationship Or Civil Partnership

This article is about divorce in the UK and how the same principles affect civil partnerships. A great divorce solicitor can make doing this less painful.

The Common Grounds for Divorce: Why It’s On The Rise

Many people growing up have the expectation that they will get married someday. Much attention these days is given to the traits that men want in women, and what women look for in men. While dating can be a fun time in people’s lives, many do so hoping that eventually they meet someone that they fall in love with and marry. What is lost sometimes during the fun of dating is figuring out whether the other person is the right match for the long term, or just for the short term.

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