Who is Responsible for Debt in a Divorce?

What To Expect At Mediation

It is the official policy of the State of Texas to promote amicable and non-judicial settlements of issues regarding children and families. In some cases, the Court requires that you mediate prior to a final hearing in an attempt to resolve your differences and sometimes your attorneys will decide that mediation is a viable option for your case. In mediation, you and your spouse and your respective attorneys meet with a mediator, a neutral third-party. The idea behind mediation is to have trained professionals help defuse the emotional tension between the two parties and find areas of agreement that the parties may not have realized existed.

Enforcing Child Support Orders

Typically every county in every major city in the USA has an office for Child Support Enforcement (CSE) under the Division of Social Services. The CSE has the authority to enforce child support obligations of a parent that was reached under a divorce settlement, voluntary agreement, or civil paternity lawsuit. There are several actions that the CSE can implement for child support enforcement, such as reporting a parent’s support obligation to credit bureaus, requesting revocation of a driver’s license, placing a lien on the parent’s property, and bringing court action to put a parent in jail for not paying child support.

Prenuptial Agreements and The Issue of Trust

Whenever UK prenuptial agreements are mentioned, the issue of trust pops up soon afterwards. This article explores the issue in more detail.

A Family Therapist Provides Essential Elements

When trying to resolve issues with relatives, a family therapist is extremely vital. These specialists provide a level of professionalism and objectivity that the average person does not possess.

Steps One Must Take In Order To Receive a Divorce From Their Partner

Divorce is a difficult process. Knowing the steps involved in a divorce, though, may help some as they prepare for it.

Lawyers – My Lawful Right

No one would ever like their rights being violated. Whether these are personal rights or those concerning employment, it is every person’s responsibility to acknowledge his/her rights and to get them implemented for their own good. You might end up realizing that these rights will sometimes serve as your saviour when you are stuck amidst a problem. The concept of rights is most stressed when it comes to personal relationships especially those concerning marriages.

Making Joint Custody Work for Everyone Involved

When a relationship has come to divorce or separation and there are children involved, the parents need to step up and put some joint custody structures in place. This can sometimes be difficult for both the parents and the children because it means making a change to the life and schedule that was once a normal part of their lives.

Eliminating “He Said/She Said” in Cohabitation Cases Using Cell Tower Location Records

Cohabitation can be the death knell of spousal support/alimony, terminating payments by operation of law or agreement. Proving the necessary elements of cohabitation, however, is a daunting challenge, and can often be too cost prohibitive to pursue. Cell tower location records can be used to identify the whereabouts of a person for extended periods of time (weeks, months, and years) without the high costs typically associated with long-term surveillance. Coupled with video surveillance and other pieces of evidence, this information is often extremely persuasive in cohabitation cases for purposes of terminating alimony.

What to Do If Your Spouse Files for Divorce

Unfortunately, not all marriages have a happily ever after ending. Many are rocky for the whole duration, whereas others are ended abruptly. Despite how a marriage comes to an end, both people have to make some serious decisions concerning their marriage. Some will be able to come to an amicable conclusion. However, for others it will turn into an absolute nightmare.

Get Your Head Straight Before You Negotiate!

What does a CDFA do in a divorce? First, CDFA stands for certified divorce financial analyst. We all must have 2 years or more experience in the financial services or accounting industry before we can start studying for our CDFA.

Cost of Litigation Versus Mediation in Family Law

Law is a business. And lawyers are in business to make money. In many cases, lots of it.

Separation Agreement: Will My Solicitor Require His Own Version of Financial Separation Agreement?

If a separation agreement is already entered into, this will be considered a binding contract and a settled issue. It is a legal requirement of the family law legislation in Australia that any agreement made between two former partners must be explained and understood by each partner and a certificate to this effect be signed by independent solicitors.

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