Why Do Labor Laws Exist?

Tips For Understanding How to Get a Child Support Order in New York: Family Court Vs. Supreme Court

New York child support proceedings can be commenced in either the Supreme Court or the Family Court of the county where either of the child’s parents lives. A child support proceeding involving unmarried parents must be filed in Family Court. If you are married to the noncustodial parent, you may file for child support in Supreme Court in conjunction with a divorce proceeding. Regardless of which court you select, New York’s laws governing the amount and duration of child support will be applied by the judge. If you do not plan to retain a divorce lawyer, you will generally find it easier to proceed in Family Court, which is less formal and has forms and procedures that are intended for use by self-represented litigants.

The Basics Of Filing For Divorce In Florida When Minor Children Are Involved

In general, the couple can file for divorce or a dissolution of marriage in Florida as long as one of the parties to the marriage resides in the state for 6 months prior to filing a divorce petition. The divorce petition can be filed in the circuit court where either party resides. If both parties reside in Kissimmee or Orlando, then the petition would be filed in Osceola or Orange County.

Temporary Spousal Support and Alimony in a Florida Divorce Case

Temporary alimony is often an issue in situations where one spouse is the sole wage-earner or the higher wage-earner. Many individuals who seriously contemplate divorce often want to know whether they will be required to pay temporary spousal support/alimony. On the other hand, a married individual may want to know whether they are eligible to receive spousal support/alimony Florida Statutes Section 61.

Some Advice to Help You Find a Good Divorce Lawyer

A divorce can be extremely painful. Even if a couple have decided to split, it can still be an extremely emotional time, and the stress can build. Hiring a good divorce attorney is an essential part of the divorce process and one that should be considered carefully.

Finding a Good Divorce Lawyer Is Easy If You Follow These Tips

However long you may have been married, breaking up from a long term relationship and leaving your spouse can be extremely difficult. For many it is painful and stressful. Often there are raw emotions like anger and feelings of betrayal.

Equitable Distribution in a Florida Divorce Case – What Happens to the Assets, Property, Etc.?

In 1988, Florida’s legislature enacted Florida Statutes Section 61.075, the equitable distribution statute. This law gave Florida courts the authority to distribute marital property in divorce or dissolution of marriage cases.

What Is Arbitration?

Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), which has gained wide-acceptance in the business world as a means of resolving disputes. Is this method right for your business and should it be addressed in your contracts?

Issues Surrounding Property Division During a Divorce

When a marriage comes to an end, one of the most complex issues the separating parties have to deal with is how to legally divide their property. This underscores the importance of getting the services of an experienced solicitor to help the separating couple navigate the legal complexities of such an issue.

Cases Dealt With By Family Lawyers And What Is Done In These Situations

Family law is a very sensitive area of law that deals with anything that pertains to the family. Cases of divorce, paternity, separation, child support, custody of children, spousal support and many more conditions that the family may have to deal with.

Preparing For a Consultation With a Divorce Attorney

If you are considering the possibility of divorce, you undoubtedly have a lot of questions. As you wade into this unfamiliar territory, it is useful to get advice from an experienced divorce attorney as soon as possible. Once you decide to consult with a matrimonial lawyer, there are steps that you can take, before your consultation, to make sure that your meeting is useful. Among other things, you should organize and copy basic financial records, including tax returns, deeds, insurance policies, and other items.

All You Need to Know About Family Mediation

Family mediation is a process in which divorced or separated couples work towards finding a resolution of a dispute between them. This dispute is usually in relation to children, finances of property. This process is a more convenient way to settle disputes as it takes place outside the courtroom. The biggest difference between family mediation and court proceedings is that a single person works for both parties so that there is no partiality.

McKenzie Friend: Help or Hindrance in Court?

Anyone can be a McKenzie Friend, can’t they? The simple answer is, of course, yes. But, life is not always simple is it and it often depends on a number of other factors too. Sometimes, the answer is far from yes, and in fact, should be a resounding no!

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