Wife Used Wiretap to Prove “Dirty John” Meehan Was Harassing Her

What is a Divorce Law?

In the United States, marriages involve legal contracts between a husband and a wife. A divorce can help to solve legal issues in a marriage which could create problem after the wedding takes place. A divorce law equally divides shared properties between the couple.

Divorce & Family Law Glossary of Terms

A definition of terms commonly associated with divorce and family law in the UK. An explanation of legal terms relating to getting divorced.

Collaborative Or Litigation – Which Divorce Proceeding Should You Take?

To best understand what collaborative divorce proceedings and divorce litigation proceedings are, we need to understand both terms fully. A collaborative divorce proceeding is when both parties involved agree that they do not want to bring their case to the court and there is (at any point during the talks) no threat of doing so. The key element of this kind of proceeding is the long, relatively quiet “negotiations” between divorcing couples about marital assets (if any), children’s issues (if any) and the likelihood of spousal support.

How to Divorce Legally

There are a lot of reasons why couples file for divorce. But not all divorces filed are granted by the court. Like other laws, there should be valid grounds before divorces can be filed and granted.

Should You Consider Settling My Family Law Matter Or Force it to a Hearing on the Merits?

Rhode Island Divorce and family law matters can be difficult emotionally and that can prevent many people from reaching agreements to resolve their differences. Consider the insights of a Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer and the comments of a Rhode Island Family Court Judge. Read the article and you just may find some common ground that you never thought was present.

Family Law Attorney

In any modification of child support there must be a judge to approve and legally enforce the order. The custodial and non custodial parent cannot legalize any agreement when modification for child support is involved without any judge.

Divorce Attorneys – How to Choose the Right One For You

This article is a how-to guide to choosing the right divorce attorney in Chicago, Los Angeles, or any other city. It contains some vital questions to ask while interviewing prospective divorce attorneys.

Cheap Divorce – A Simple Yet Ingenious Plan

Myself and my (now) ex wife, found it rather easy to divorce, and this was mainly due to the methodology we used. It’s a simple strategy and it’s something that is guaranteed to save you money. Here it is, your pathway to a cheap divorce, in easy to follow steps – First we both decided that lawyers would not be called until a mutually agreed time, or if things got a little out of hand, and we couldn’t remain civil while we went through our plan.

Cheap Divorce – It Can Be Done

If you’re facing the break up of a marriage, then it’s always difficult but many couples worry about the financial ramifications of such a decision. The good news is a cheap divorce is possible in many situations. I’ve experienced one myself and can testify that even though it was emotionally difficult it was the easiest financial decision I’ve ever made.

Family Law Free Legal

The Child Support Enforcement Act of 1984, the district attorneys (or state’s attorneys) of every state must help the custodial parent to collect child support owed by your ex spouse. The district attorney will be the one to serve papers ordering him or her to meet with the district attorney and arrange a payment schedule. He is also the one who will warn the non custodial parent that if he or she doesn’t follow the order he or she can go to jail.

6 Steps to Take Before You Call a Divorce Lawyer

If your relationship is failing you may be thinking of taking advice from a family law expert. Before you do make sure you take 6 important steps before you make that call to a divorce lawyer.

3 Things You Ought to Know About Pro Se Divorce Litigation

Incredibly, there are now a growing number of divorcing couples who think that they can perform pro se divorce litigation. This is a form of legal representation where one person acts on his or her own behalf at the divorce courts – and it does not matter whether that person has legal background or not. The sad truth is: pro se is not as easy as you think. Here are 3 reasons why.

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