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Reform of Child Protection System

A warning has been given by council leaders about the need for urgent reform of the child protection system. The Local Government Association has carried out its annual Local Government Workforce Survey which is said to show that 85% of councils with difficulties retaining staff have difficulty keeping children’s social workers who are of course an integral part of the child protection system. The survey is also reported to show that eight of ten councils who have difficulty recruiting staff have particular difficulty in recruiting social workers.

Shared Residence Orders – In the Child’s Best Interests?

The recent Court of Appeal case of T v T [2010] provides a helpful update on shared residence orders. The appellants were a female couple in a civil partnership. The children, a 7 year old girl and 10 year old boy, had been born to one of the appellants (“M”) and the respondent (“F”). F had a male partner. Both couples had enjoyed long and stable relationships. The children had lived with the appellants and had contact with the respondent. M and F both had parental responsibility for the children.

Adoption – Breaking Down the Boundaries

In 2009 there were approximately 2300 children who were approved for adoption and about 500 of them were black or Asian and so it is positive to hear that ministers are drawing up guidance for local authorities and adoption agencies which will reportedly say that race or cultural background should not stop children from being found a permanent home. On average, it is reported to take two years and seven months to adopt but, worryingly, ethnic minority children are said to usually wait three times longer than white children and some are not adopted at all.

21st Century Divorce: It’s Time To Help the Children!

It is important to recognize that our clients are expected to function at a very high level when they are likely feeling at their worst; angry, depressed, overwhelmed and vulnerable. They must completely disassemble and restructure their financial and physical world. At the same time, they are expected to create a new parenting relationship with someone they often don’t want to talk to and sometimes wish would just disappear.

Cheap Paternity Testing Is Not Always Your Best Option

We get hundreds of calls a day from customers who are in need of a paternity test. Most do not know a thing about DNA testing other than it should tell them who is the father of a child. More and more websites have been popping up lately offering cheap paternity testing, which has led me to write this post. Here are my top three reasons not to buy a cheap DNA paternity test.

Making the Best of Your Visitation Calendar

If you are separated or divorced and have children, you know how important it is to have regular visitation with your children. Make the best of your visitation calendar by creating an effective one.

Quick Divorce Without Any Issues

Mediation has become so popular that you will not be able to move ahead with the divorce process with court of law as it is almost taking your precious life time to get divorce for you. This task is carried out in much ease with the help of mediation and people are able to get freed out of the divorce case within limited time frame. At the same time they are also saved from the spending so much money in getting divorce which was actually happening with the procedures through court of law.

Tips to a Successful Custody Hearing

Getting ready to have a custody hearing? Not sure how you can best prepare? Being prepared and knowing what to expect can greatly reduce your overall stress level throughout the process. It may also help you save some money that may have been wasted on legal fees.

Bankrolling the Divorce Settlement

These tough times have led to creative financing schemes across the board. This includes the divorce world. For the wealthy and even some upper-middle class marital estates, these innovations include bankrolling the divorce settlement. A finance company fronts money to one of the parties in advance, hedging that the divorce will yield more funds later. Sounds risky, but could work if the lender properly screens their clients.

Does a Father Have to Pay Child Support to a Spouse He Cannot Locate?

One issue facing many individuals is trying to locate a spouse who denies them visitation rights with their child following a divorce. When this happens, a messy legal battle may ensue even if both parties are looking out for the best interests of the child. The divorce may be messy, but when one party does not obey a court order for visitation rights, it can get even worse.

Divorce Lawyer: Helping You Through Difficult Times

No one wants to admit that they have tried to make their marriage work but it has failed. Finding a divorce lawyer may feel like the last thing you want to do, but it should be one of the first.

How to Tell If You Require a Family Solicitor

Do you have a family situation that needs resolving? Here are 10 situations where you may benefit from speaking to a family solicitor.

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